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Who is Bounce?

Since 2006 Bounce Australia (Bounce) has been delivering Emotional intelligence, life skills based training programs throughout Australia, and more recently in the USA (2011) and New Zealand (2017); working with a multitude of clients; from large businesses, helping develop better communications in the workplace, to individual job seekers, providing clarity and motivation for their future.

Bounce has experience delivering customized training programs in Government and Corporate Sectors for all levels of staff training, from annual strategic planning to ongoing professional development for leaders and front-line staff in the areas of communication, teamwork, goal setting, emotional intelligence, time management, customer service, people, culture and leadership. Bounce has delivered staff training to departments within the Australian Government, large manufacturing organizations and Employment Service Providers internationally.

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The Statistics


Youth (14-20) that would recommend a Bounce Program to others


Adults (21+) that would recommend a Bounce Program to others

Did the Bounce Program help you gain skills to…

Youth (14-20)

  • Secure a job? 100% 100%
  • Gain access to community services? 87.5% 87.5%
  • Connect better with family/friends? 100% 100%
  • Take on your own business? 75% 75%
  • Deal with personal crisis? 91.6% 91.6%
  • Speak up and be heard? 87.5% 87.5%
  • Build rapport with outside networks? 91.6% 91.6%

Adults (21+)

  • Secure a job? 85.1% 85.1%
  • Gain access to community services? 77.7% 77.7%
  • Connect better with family/friends? 85.1% 85.1%
  • Take on your own business? 55.5% 55.5%
  • Deal with personal crisis? 85.1% 85.1%
  • Speak up and be heard? 88.8% 88.8%
  • Build rapport with outside networks? 92.5% 92.5%

One of the positive experiences I took away from the class session was to build rapport and to be myself and know that I’m capable to do anything I want to do in life. This program was an eye-opener and me realize life is too short and we should enjoy it and complete our goals and make the best of it. Made me believe more in myself.

Kassandra Robles, 17