Fast track your outcomes with our flexible licensing options

The Licensing Model

Licensing the Bounce Program can occur in two different forms, a Master License or an Internal License. Both forms of licensing use a ‘Train the Trainer’ approach. Bounce will place mutually selected people from your organization through intensive training to be accredited to deliver the program with ongoing mentoring and coaching throughout the life of the agreement.

Internal License

The internal license allows your organization to deliver the Bounce Program within your organization only.
License includes:

Bounce IP license within the organization
Delivery within the organization only
Marketing material
Training of the trainers (Max 2)
Ongoing mentoring for trainers
Bi-annual Professional Development with trainers

Master Licence

The Master License allows your organization to deliver the Bounce Program anywhere within your region. This gives your organization the ability to monetize the delivery of the program externally.
License includes:

Bounce IP license within the region
Unlimited delivery within the region
Exclusivity within the region
Consultancy/Marketing support
Financial modelling
Training of the trainers (Max 10)
Ongoing mentoring for trainers
Quarterly Professional Development with trainers

The Bounce Program

The Bounce Program (“Bounce”) provides an empowering context for the Long-Term Unemployed to deal with significant underlying personal and psychological issues- most of which are subconscious and unaddressed; yet interfere with their ability to get back to work. While having a ‘life skills’ approach is not entirely unique to the field of workforce development, the combination of specific content, interactive activities, and the use of Cognitive-Behavioural Theory and Emotional Intelligence (EI) makes Bounce especially attractive as a potential supplement to enhance the effectiveness of the current public workforce system across the U.S.

Since 2006, over 10,000 job seekers have participated in the Bounce Program across Australia resulting in unusually high numbers of successful post-course employment outcomes. The majority of participants gain the ability to define and pinpoint their own ambitions, to make plans and set goals in order to continue the positive momentum initiated by the course. The feedback gathered from participants indicates a huge increase in confidence and personal improvement (purpose, vision and goals for the future) at percentages as high as 80 – 90%. The program is enthusiastically supported by a wide array of public and private entities alike because of the results it produces, especially among people who have largely lost hope in their careers and in their lives.

The unique methodologies underlying the Bounce Program

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Experiential Learning

on Life


The Bounce Program provides “soft skills” and non-vocational training with a new approach that addresses labor market challenges with multi-disciplinary, behavioral training that touches on psycho-social solutions that include:


Rapport Building


Communication Strategies


Confidence & diligence


Self direction


Self Assessment


Skills auditing


Career Building


Marketing into Employment